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I teach thread painting in different venues and I create a space where you can explore thread painting at your own pace. Whether you are a seasoned expert or brand new to the idea of thread painting, I will have a class for you.

Workshop 1: Fundamentals of Thread Painting by Numbers

Beginner workshop samples by Bridget O'Flaherty

Have you always wanted to try thread painting but didn’t think you were skilled enough at sewing or artistic? This class gives you easy step-by-step instructions on how to tackle the basics. You will also get a chance to create patterns through thread painting by numbers, a simple easy to read pattern that takes the guesswork out of colour theory and shading.

This class is great for quilt guilds and stores and it’s a perfect beginner, novice or advanced class. You can select a pattern difficulty to suit your skill level!

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Workshop 2: Intro to Thread Painting Nature and Landscapes


Have you ever had that special scene, the memory from a vacation, a favourite view that you have always wanted to try in textiles? This is your chance to take that image and learn the steps from start to finish! I’ll show you how to look at nature with a view to creating art, what is the magic formula for composition? I’ll show you how to take it from image to pattern and translate that to the fabric. Learn tips on shading and technique but still have a chance to explore your own creativity.

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