Virtual Lectures and Trunk Shows

Do you have a group that features guest speakers and lectures in fibre art? My lectures and trunk shows are ideal for mid to large groups. I am booking for 2021/2022.


My Journey as a Textile Artist 

I will take you through the 30 years of my career as a textile artist. I’ll show you my quilts from my early years and how I have developed into a thread painting artist focusing on eco-friendly materials. The in-person lecture includes a trunk show of quilts from my career and digital images in a slide presentation.   The pandemic friendly lecture is an interactive online presentation through Zoom (or another designated online meeting forum) through the guild with a slide show followed by Q&A.


Are you a Green Quilter? Let’s talk About ‘Eco’ in this Industry

 Are you environmentally aware and looking for green options? What does sustainability mean and how is it being addressed in the textile industry? Join me for an in depth look at what your options are and let’s discuss the costs of being green. From organic fabric, recycled content threads, natural fibres and dyes, there are a lot of options, but where do you find it and how do you know what to look for? Find out how to reduce your environmental impact as an artist, crafter or a business owner. Learn how and why you should do your part to help save the planet, one stitch at a time.

Design: What Is Art, Anyway? 

A one-hour presentation and discussion. A look at what art can mean, exploring the constructs of the social narrative, commercial art and art for the sake of art. Do we have to have a calling or a career – and does it matter? A look at the historical context of fibre art and quilts with highlights of famous works moving into the last 20 years and the development of quilts as an art form. Join the discussion and consider what art really means to us and how we may want to express ourselves.