Here’s What Students are Saying

Bridget O’Flaherty is a pleasure to work with. She is a talented artist herself and has the rare ability to share that talent in a classroom setting. She designs and presents exciting lessons that actively engage learners at every level. Her teaching style provides her students with the opportunity to not only learn the technically proper methodology but also to expand and explore their own creative expression through fiber art. Bridget takes the opportunity to offer individualized support and fosters an encouraging environment wherein her students can grow as artists. I hope to be able to work with Bridget again, she is a collaborative mentor and teacher who is exceptionally professional while offering a very approachable teaching style. “ Lyla Cravero, Contemporary Artist

I follow my passion, you can too!

The world of fibre arts, quilting and thread painting are so wonderful to explore. I love teaching and working with others to share my experiences, further the knowledge of the craft and help others to explore their own passion.

Taking the time to experience the benefits of fibre arts and all that it entails, from the historic significance of this woman’s expression of art to the innovative techniques with modern sewing machines, embellishment and thread play all add up to an experience that will feed your soul and leave you ready to explore your inner artist.

Are you a beginner?

I learned that I was artistic late in life; I was 21 before I ever even picked up a pencil. Given the right encouragement, anyone can learn the methods of artistic exploration. Thread painting can be done at all levels of experience, I will help you learn the basic stitching, explore colour theory and detailed techniques, I can even help you on your journey as an artist to find your unique style.

I teach at local quilt and sewing shops, quilt guilds and conferences.

I am also developing online classes for all levels. Stay tuned for release dates!