Values of Bridget O’Flaherty

The Purpose Of Thread Painted Art

Bridget O'Flaherty in a yoga pose with bundles of fabricValues of Bridget O’Flaherty and Thread Painted Art

Delivering Services that are SUSTAINABLE, with INTEGRITY AND maintain a HIGH QUALITY of WORKMANSHIP.


I source materials, supplies and choose travel and business support options that work towards a reduction of their negative environmental impact.


I act and speak with honesty and sincerity in all interactions with students and clients.


I will always produce the best quality products and stand behind my work, if you aren’t happy, I will work to fix it. We give 100% when delivering teaching and speaking engagements.

Delivering engaging EDUCATION options through INNOVATIONS in fibre art in a NURTURING environment.


I am driven to impart and share information on the techniques, historical context and subject matter of the art I create.


I stay current with new techniques and methods for creating fibre art through technology, current trends and materials and innovative methods.


I deliver my offerings in a nurturing environment to ensure every individual has a positive experience, learns and develops their skills for their fibre art practice.

ADVOCATING AND BEING A LEADER in bringing sustainability issues forward and creating connections in different COMMUNITIES.


I raise awareness of environmental issues, natural and sustainable fibres practices.  I also contribute to the discussion of the importance of sustainability of resources, eco-systems along with the importance of art for self-care.


I lead with my efforts to connect and bring awareness of environmental issues in our communities through my fibre art.


I connect with different communities like agricultural, suppliers, fibre manufacturing, art, naturalist and consumer communities to raise awareness, collaborate and connect with special interest groups.

Embracing MINDFULNESS with PASSION and targets living a balanced life with GRATITUDE.


I take a slow approach, appreciating the steps, the historical context, the ecological chain of materials and the process for creating with a caring and intended learning experience.


I have a passion for fibre, nature and sustainability. I will continue to feed that passion and use it in all of the services we offer.


I am thankful every day that I am able to follow our passion. I love to spend time creating, sharing and helping others and spend time thanking my community on a regular basis.

Eco Thread Art

Sustainability is a movement globally that looks at the life-cycle and overall carbon footprint of not only materials but also of businesses. Bridget integrates sustainability as a core value in the following ways:

  • The Art uses organic fabrics, natural dyes certified using the Global Organic Textile Standard or Oeko-Tex standard 100 and recycled content.
  • All printing and packaging include FSC Certified papers, natural packaging materials and sustainably manufactured products using eco- dyes and inks.
  • Environmental impacts are considered for travel, utilities, and private purchases.