Custom Orders

Custom Commemorative Fibre Art

Thread painting by Bridget OFlaherty Guesthouse_custom-orderThe Process

Have a look through my site, Instagram or Facebook at other works in my galleries.  We can start a conversation about what appeals to you.
So many people have a favourite view, memory or moment that speaks to them and brings them joy. I can work with you to capture that in a custom fibre art work.


Look through your photos that you love. We will set up a shared folder online and I will spend time learning your story, looking at the location, photos and get an idea of what you are interested in. Get in touch and I will send you the price list.


Choose a size and we will work out a timeline, I will send you an invoice for a downpayment.



  • Share your colour preferences, send me photos, swatches or anything that helps you envision your final piece.
  • I create a design sample drawing, establish a palette and send it to you
  • Modifications are made based on your feedback
  • I send you a final sketch design

Detail of Mountain Poppies

Execution and Delivery

  • Once I begin creating you will see progress updates
  • I will stitch, quilt and create your piece ready for hanging
  • You will see a final photo
  • Once everything is finalized you’ll make your final payment and I’ll arrange delivery

Bridget O'Flaherty SewingWould you like to order a custom piece?

Please contact me to discuss your ideas, pricing and delivery time.

I look forward to hearing from you!