There are finally options when it comes to selecting affordable, eco-friendly notions for sewing.

Eco-Friendly Features

Be responsible for the environment – conserve natural resources! The Sew-all Thread 100 m rPET and Top Stitch 30 m rPET are the sewing threads from Gütermann creativ made of 100% recycled polyester.


The special advantages of the sewing threads made from rPET lie in the recycled raw material. Less energy is required to manufacture the raw
material and the CO² emissions are significantly reduced – this conserves the environment and saves natural resources.

How it’s Made

The microfilaments that are obtained from the granulate then form the basis for production of the sewing threads. The reels for the sewing threads made from rPET are made of 100 % polystyrol (PS) and can be collected in single varieties, and then disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner in the
recycling points provided in towns and cities. The raw material for these environmentally-friendly threads is provided by recycled beverage bottles
made of 100 % PET (polyethylenterephtalate). The collected PET bottles are washed in different stages, shredded into so-called flakes and melted