Fibre Arts Academy Beta Group

penguins in a group, text is for fibre arts academy beta groupAre you interested in learning about thread painting?

Are you willing to give feedback?

I’m only taking 30 members.

I’m looking for the adventurous type that wants in early on the development of this academy. You can help shape the programs and courses with your feedback!

In return, you will get a reduced membership for the beta version, loads of information, bonuses and connections with other beta members.

This beta program will be launching Fall of 2018 and is only being offered to you as a member of my mailing list (Thank you!)

sewing machine with sample thread painting and hoop for online classesWhat You Will Learn

The basics

  • How to set up your machine
  • How to troubleshoot tension issues
  • How to select colours for thread painting
  • Tips for tools and accessories
  • Finishing ideas


  • Shading and creating depth
  • Transferring your own designs or photos to patterns
  • Finishing techniques

What You Will Experience

This will be a 6-month test version

  • Online tutorials
  • 6 Thread Painting patterns
  • Step by step lessons
  • Community forum
  • Monthly check-ins with the group and me
  • Exclusive interviews with experts in the industry
  • Special membership pricing on new courses

How Does the List work?

Join the beta list below so you don’t miss your chance to get a Beta Membership

There is no cost to be on the list at this point and beta membership will only be offered to those on this special list.

I will be closing the Beta list at the end of July.

I will start by sending out questionnaires and surveys, there will be 1 per week through August

Then I will be sending out offers for enrollment.

There will only be 30 Beta memberships available in September.

I’m wanting to start small and to be able to interact with everyone in this group. So I have decided to keep it managable. Once enrollment has reached 30 members I will be closing the doors on the program until 2019 when the official subscriptions will be launched.