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Meet Bridget

These original designs are created using a sewing machine and “painting” with thread, I carefully select elements of nature scenes to detail them with multiple layers of colour and texture. I feel connecting with nature calms and nurtures our well-being. Bringing your memories of a favourite view, a vacation, a family homestead so that you can enjoy it year round is something I love to be connected to.

I am at my most content when I’m walking in the woods, sitting by a lake or wandering through a meadow full of flowers. We need to protect these special places. Having landscape art in our homes extends our indoor space and can create those much-needed connections. I love working with local, natural materials, organics, and recycled content when creating landscapes. My mother was an amazing quilter and my grandmother worked in cotton mills all of her adult life. I think of them often and honour them in every piece I make. 

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